• The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) has approved the renovation of the Conte School in the City of North Adams. The MSBA has agreed to pay $23.2 million of the total $29.7 million project. That is 80% of the renovation cost and is the highest reimbursement rate awarded by the MSBA.


• The City of North Adams will be responsible for $6.5 million. There will be no debt exclusion or tax override.


• Our current elementary schools do not have the space to accommodate 21st Century learning technology. Renovating Conte School will greatly help overcrowding, expand outdoor play areas, auditorium, and core academic space.


• If the voters of North Adams reject State money earmarked for the Conte renovation project that money will go elsewhere. It almost certainly will go to fund another project in another municipality. Rejection of the Conte School project would force the City to begin the process all over again with no guarantee of eligibility for State funding in the future. North Adams Public Schools remains committed to three elementary schools - Brayton, Greylock and if the vote passes, Conte School


• Rejecting $23.2 million dollars in state funding for such a thoroughly researched and vital project jeopardizes State funding for future projects in North Adams.


• Vote YES to approve funding for the Conte School Renovation on Tuesday, April 30, 2013. Find out where to vote:



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