More academic spaces  fitting today's educational models for students of all levels, and teachers and administrators to excel



One of the city's largest elementary gymnasiums, outdoor play areas, and community spaces.


Equipped with the newest technology, Conte School will be LEED certified with building performance higher than the required code



New building design and facility conditions will increase teacher motivation and student achievement


The Massachusetts School Board Association, School Building Committee, Elected School Committee and City Council voted upon and approved this project.

Now it’s up to the voters of North Adams to accept this school project and vote YES! 

Voting No sends the $23 million award to another community.



The Conte School Renovation plan is one that’s taken over six years, $700,000 of City and State resources, as well as countless hours of study. There are no other school options or sites upon which to vote; the MSBA has only approved the Conte School project. 



A “YES” vote gives the children of North Adams a newly renovated Conte School.

A “No” vote sends us back to square one with no State funding for our school district.

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